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Areas of Practice

I enjoy working with people from various walks of life and a wide range of concerns.  My training and clinical experiences provide me with a strong generalist background and I am able to assist with a variety of concerns, which include:

General Mental Health & Well-Being

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, trauma, sleep difficulties, self-care, emotional difficulties, emotion regulation, and coping.

Adult Transitions & Milestones

Balancing personal and work life, negotiating needs of self and others, navigating relationships with authority figures or colleagues, imposter syndrome, academic and professional stress or transitions, general life transitions, and adjustment.

Interpersonal & Social Concerns

Self-advocacy and assertiveness, setting boundaries, navigating family roles, addressing conflict, social anxiety, isolation, making and maintaining relationships, achieving greater connection, and building healthy and fulfilling relationships. (I can help with individual concerns; however, I am unable to offer couples or family therapy.)

Self-Growth & Exploration

Feeling stuck, feeling lost, finding purpose and meaning, overall dissatisfaction, identity exploration, personal growth, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

If you do not see your specific concern listed above, please contact me or schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs.

​In addition to helping with most general concerns, I also provide specialty services in the areas below.

Areas of Specialty

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